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Created 2015-02-09
Owner wenwen0214
Title where the wig into a low ponytail tight hoop
Description In everyday life everywhere ponytail, has become the darling of the T station stylist. It sounds simple, no fuss, no point will grab the limelight of fashion, but on every detail of exquisite degree of excellence. Also believes comb ponytail is a simple idea? Look at the T stage to build technique, you'll know fashion degree and passerby difference right here! Show Source: New York Fashion Week, Peter Som wigstyle Keywords: romantic nostalgia Peter Som 2013 fall and winter clothing design with eclectic style, each model is like a walk in the photographer Amy Arbus's lens, full of the early 1980s New York style, while the French romantic blend. To this end, the stylist for Peter Som has created a noble wig, revealing a beautiful neck line model, season it with clothing design and silhouette complement each other. Final presentation style full of silky glossy texture, simple yet beautiful, gives a compact feel, bold highlights strong and yet gentle beauty. How to do: 1. along the direction of wig growth naturally, in the head and the full lace wigs on both sides of the central division of the wig line, the wig along the distribution line to partition; 2 will be divided through my wig out of the second half, after the close neck where the wig into a low ponytail tight hoop; 3 at the surface of the wig spray shaping strong styling products, then comb the wig with a wig brush dingzhuang avoid showing the shape of the wig surface uneven; 4 as twisted rope-like twisted ponytail, and then around the roots of the cauda equina, the horse late in a bun, and with the wigpin fixed; 5 dial out from the original partition near the front of the head wig on both sides of the two stocks were twisted in the same direction twist, and to the direction of the wig extension; then two laps around the wig strand of wig, and finally hid in a bun is not fully fixed. Note the clever use of position can circle around the two strand of wig when the wig to cover fixed wigpin, so that wig looks neat and has caused. braids several consecutive quarters occupy the mainstream position wigstyle show, this fall and winter is still a popular wig braids. Unlike in the past, this season's braids become refined, gorgeous together. Full of glossy long straight wig in the back tied into a thick low three strands braided, and then with a wide wig band, originally a simple wigstyle once a little more elegant.
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