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Category Computers
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Created 2015-05-28
Owner sandywang5230
Title I never end up doing down this path
Description You head into each match with a set of three dinosaurs, and you can swap between them mid-match. There��s no real difference between the creatures, though, besides their stats. There are no special moves here.While combat is understandably basic, there��s enough to leave some room for basic strategy.You��re given a set number of action points per turn, increasing by one per round and capping at four, but you don��t have to spend all of them. Red is attack, blue is defend, and yellow allows you to store points for the next turn. The more points you store, the more points you can spend. So if you want to play conservatively, you might spend two points on blocking and place two points in reserve, allowing you to try and minimize damage from your opponent while allowing you to potentially attack with six attack points next turn, which could be a devastating blow. If you roll the dice and dump everything into attack and they��re able to block all (or some) of it, you��ve now left yourself completely open to a counterattack that could be equally devastating.To get your dino pals ready, you��ll have to continually dabble in park management.(Yes, that��s a lot of countdown timers. This is a free-to-play dofus game, after all. We��ll get to that.)You acquire new dinosaurs for by birthing them in your hatchery, but you can��t play god until you��ve found the appropriate dinosaur card. Packs are dealt out by finishing missions and leveling up, fighting against strangers and getting them as a random gift, or, as you might expect from a dofus game of this type, outright buying them. If you��d like to spend money, you sure can!It��s unclear whether these packs are hiding ultra powerful dinosaurs or simply pocketing the iconic dinos from the movies, like the velociraptor or tyrannosaurs rex. That said, it��s totally possible to acquire these packs by dueling other dofus players and having lady luck bless you with the right prize, but if you want to relive Jurassic Park nostalgia ASAP, it��s time to open the wallet.I never end up doing down this path, by the way. I tend to play these dofus games for a week or so, exhausting whatever I can from poking at them while on the toilet. Eventually, you tend to reach a certain point where not paying money requires waiting dofus accounts long enough that I��d rather move on.Here��s how the loop works: you level up dinosaurs by feeding them, but feeding them requires producing food, and that takes time. When they level up enough, they can evolve into a more powerful form, but evolution requires leveling up another dinosaur and combining the DNA.That��s my, baby. I wish I could name him! My favorite majungasaurus is level 17 right now, which requires more than 600 pieces of food per feeding, which means pushing him along requires waiting a long time. Then again, that��s how this is supposed to work��you come back.What��s really bothering me, honestly, is this god damn icon in the corner of the screen.
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