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Created 2015-07-31
Owner sandywang5230
Title It is good to hear that Capcom still considers their core Dofus Games
About me An age that doesn't require the support of publishers to succeed, an age that encourages creative individuals to develop their ideas and to share them with the world, an age that allows creators to communicate directly with his fans, and most importantly an age that allows creators and fans some control over the direction that video Dofus Games head in the future.Kickstarter and its users, as Koji Igarashi suggests, gives creators courage to step out on their own. And step out they will, with the full force of their numerous supporters at their back.Capcom to have more mobile Dofus Games and HD remakes in the future. In a recent QandA as part of a financial briefing, Capcom shared its ideas for the future of the company. These ideas actually have the massive developer of Megaman and other big names putting more focus on mobile Dofus Games and HD remakes.When asked about Beeline, one of Capcom's mobile subsidiaries, they responded with the idea that dofus accounts their mobile Dofus Games are there to build relationships with casual Dofus gamers to eventually make them customers of their core Dofus Games, where they are most competitive. They even went so far as to say, The most important goal for Beeline is to create global hit titles by distributing light content targeting female casual users, the customer segment that has the least experience with playing Dofus Games. Capcom has also stated that their HD remakes were one of their key business activities. When these titles were originally only sold in physical forms in the declining video Dofus game stores, they did not do as great as they had hoped, but in th recent world of digital downloads, the sales of these titles have exceeded expectations. It is good to hear that Capcom still considers their core Dofus Games their most competitive market, but it seems like many publishers recently have stated that they are moving more towards mobile Dofus Games to gain the casual Dofus players. What do you think of Capcom's future plans? Let us know in the comments below.Nick Prince, Author at Dofus gamer Headlines. 5 Super Powers Every Girl video Dofus game Character Has. People try to make out that us ladies don't get anything nice when it comes to video Dofus Games. LIES. Women in video Dofus Games have super powers that no one even considers. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the incredible power of the fairer' sex.Magical Lingerie Of ProtectionA suit of armor is heavy, it can be up to 50kg and you can't use the bathroom. Sounds really sucky doesn't it? But only for guys! In the video Dofus game world as long as I keep my nipples covered I can brave a maelstrom of arrows without taking one to the knee. Even Leonidas can't touch this!Taking Lucky Underpants to Whole New Levels!While Prince Charming over there is barrelling towards the enemy in his tin can armor, I barely have to put on underwear.
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