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Created 2015-08-04
Owner sandywang5230
Title The game was still early in development
About me  Even back then, though, Nintendo made mention of a new rewards program that would be announced at a later date. To be honest, I don?t think Nintendo could have handled this any better. Not only did they give folks plenty of warning that the program would be coming to a close, but they also gave Final Fantasy XIV gamers plenty of goodies to spend their leftover Coins on before the June 30 cutoff date. And I?m not talking about just a couple of Final Fantasy XIV games here. Nintendo?s grand finale included more than 100 titles, including the indie and classic Final Fantasy XIV games folks familiar with the program had come to expect, as well as a bunch of more current, AAA Final Fantasy XIV games. On top of that, the final roster of goodies included a bunch of physical swag, too, including a rad Zelda bag, jigsaw puzzles, calendars and 3DS pouches.Now that Club Nintendo has finally come to an end, all we have left to do is sit here patiently and wait FF14 Gil to find out what new program will take its place.Why Sony Didn't Cancel The Last Guardian. Sony considered cancelling the PlayStation-exclusive The Last Guardian. However, president of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida said in a new interview that fans saved the project.Yoshida told EDGE that Sony considered killing the project while the team was porting it from PS3 to PS4 - a process he described as "really, really tough." However, Final Fantasy XIV gamers' interest in the project gave it a stay of execution: The game was still early in development, so we had to have a really strong desire to continue the project and rebuild on PS4. And of course we believed in the vision of Ueda-san, and Ueda-san and the core teams really wanted to see this realised, and so did I. Having so many people asking us about the game was great encouragement for us to continue the development He then said that they "probably would have" cancelled the game altogether if there weren't so many fans clamoring for it.The Last Guardian was first announced for PS3 back in 2009. There was a huge amount of interest because it was being developed by Team Ico, the studio behind cult classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. However, after that initial reveal, the game all but vanished. It missed its initial 2011 launch date and was then pushed back multiple times.The lack of information was bad but they were soon joined by other ominous signs that usually mean cancellation. Sony let the game's copyright expire. Fumito Ueda announced he was retiring from Team Ico, though he later clarified that he was still working freelance on the project. Two years ago, the game seemed all but lost when Sony announced they were shelving it."We've got so many projects out there from so many great teams, projects never ultimately go away," Jack Tretton, then Sony Computer Entertainment of America's CEO and President, said at the time.
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