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Created 2015-08-05
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Title the development team at EA Sports aims to improve the overall
About me Play Video Battlefield Hardline Beta Starts on February 3 – Report. The new Battlefield Hardline beta might kick off on February 3, at least according to a new report that cites an internal message sent to YouTube and Twitch partners who want to stream the new experience when it goes live next month.Battlefield Hardline is the next major installment in the first-person shooter series, only this time, instead of franchise founder DICE, developer Visceral FIFA games is at the helm, bringing a new focus on cops vs. criminals, and much more to the mix.The title already had a beta stage last summer across PC and PS4, and after all the feedback was tallied, Visceral and publisher cheap fifa coins Electronic Arts decided to push back the release of the shooter to March of this year.Now, a second beta is expected to debut in the following weeks and a special report has surfaced on Reddit, claiming that the exact start date for the beta is February 3.The report is based on a private email sent by content management company Ronku, which connects prominent YouTube and Twitch users with content developers like EA, to promote FIFA games and other things.The message states that the Battlefield Hardline beta will be available on February 3 and that there will be deals to promote it via YouTube and Twitch.Expect a confirmation soon enough. FIFA 15 Wants FIFA players to Improve Their Shooting Skills – Video. FIFA 15 has already been out for about four months, but the development team at EA Sports aims to improve the overall level of the matches the community plays by delivering yet another tutorial for the FIFA game, which teaches all interested FIFA players how to better manage their shots in order to create more goals for their teams.The developers list all the situations that a FIFA player can get into, from goalkeeper one-on-ones to long range shots, and explain how various types of shots can be used to make sure that the ball ends up in the net.EA Sports also advises FIFA players to take a closer look at the ratings of the FIFA players they plan on fielding, something which many do not necessarily do before a match.Most of the information in the video will be old news for seasoned FIFA players and veterans of the FIFA series, but it's nice to see the team trying to make sure that as many people as possible know the basics.The studio is making the effort of putting together the videos because it needs as many good FIFA players as possible when it comes to multiFIFA player so that FIFA 15 can remain relevant in the long term.EA Sports will continue to offer more game contentThe development team was busy last week implementing the transfers that took place in the real world during the January window.
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