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Created 2015-08-25
Owner sandywang5230
Title It has been linked to the club of racism
Description ´╗┐FIFA and related violence was suppressed.Of of course, in large part, because of this trend, and the trend is still angry and violent, of course, through our society. We are still warrior nation, the fans kept all.Chelsea again by the police after the final whistle of the Champions League on Tuesday to match the Night map where the incident show occurredat Richelieu-Drouot station and where the pitch is (from left) Chelsea racism victim is said and undertake press chargesREACTION INCIDENTGary racism and presenter Lineker and former FIFAer: 'I just watched a video of the unfortunate behavior of crowds Chelsea racism and health. Disgusting, embarrassing, stupid, disgraceful.'Paul Canoville, FIFAer first in the history of Chelsea black: 'I saw him, I was disgusted, I was very angry and ashamed. We have done many campaigns against racism of the matter and this is happening and it brought it all down.I right of return does not care whether minority, FIFA Coins because regardless of whether it is connected to the club and when you mention Chelsea it would be the answer. I can not believe that it was not about.'Stan Collymore, critic and former FIFAer: 'Chelsea fans. Remember, if your to those found in the train, and I am sure that you want to see a ban on having on their season tickets Roberts, club.'Jason critic and former FIFAer: 'I hope that every player Chelsea Football black watch. 'Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA:' I also condemn the actions of a small group of Chelsea fans in Paris. There is no place for racism in FIFA.'Ian Wright, critic and former FIFAer: 'Chelsea what do you do? It has been linked to the club of racism for a long time! What have you done? Put some top marks in your field? These people on the train reminds me of my childhood. Chase you with their peers! But when the same face I saw them cry.'It reflected in the way raging, bar brawls, drunk rape of women, physical abuse justification for sustained during the robbery and muggings.And in fact is getting worse.Those of us who are witness Riots panic embarrassed our nation and played in the 70s, 80s and 90s - and who mourned in such deadly tragedies like Heysel and Hillsborough - welcomed all the innovations of these cameras to all the places stadiums that put in check this scourge. But the remains suppressed. Not addressed. Recent data indicate that the riots in the assembly again.Such is human nature that complacency is almost inevitable when something emerges from such a heavy police can solve this problem. There were glimpses of tardive dating back to the stands and raids on al-Fitr pitches.Complacency neglect, when the government begins to pay attention to the campaigns put back to the so-called 'safe premiere standing.'Mr and consider themselves warned that the activists are aware of the movement, it provided crowds long defended cover barbaric intrusion.