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Created 2015-08-25
Owner sandywang5230
Title I would be ashamed of Chelsea fan
Description Chelsea deny racist fans Paris Metro passengers black on black fan trying to get on the train, but were denied entry by traveling fans to amateur video of the Champions League to show passengers the shameful incidentHonestly tieThe goes, and I all hope, disgusting, and they all closed. Extreme, I know, but let's make sure, for example, of them - from racists.Chelsea, the Football Association, the governing body FIFA and other FIFAing need to come up with a plan to eliminate these bandits from our game and just society.Not Poster campaign or bracelets or Even Ads extraordinary, but good campaign sound with the consequences and penalties equivalent to those guilty.Chelsea you need to clean your house with the masses and bring justice to them in FIFA Coins their own home to make sure they identify and make radical.Disassociation punishment alone is not enough - it must be a huge message to view each. Duberry (right) celebrates with Dennis Wise and Gus Poyet after goal Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Stadium Duberry holds up Dennis Bergkamp during his six-year career at Chelsea, and was a fan ever sinceI know the cowards do not represent all Chelsea fans, but unfortunately it did place in Paris and brought shame club.Chelsea are my football team at the end of the day, and since then has been signed as a student at the school for over 25 years, so I feel the ups and downs, like all Chelsea supporters.I and defend in discussions But everything what happened on Tuesday in Paris untenable. I even tried to.In heard a lot of discussion following was said that I would be ashamed of Chelsea fan.I'm not ashamed to be a fan of Chelsea and I'm not ashamed of what happened in Paris that racist idiots do not represent me but I feel sad heavy, what you stupid idiots have done for my image Chelsea.Michael Duberry FIFA 16 played 116 appearances for Chelsea between 1993-1999 and writes a weekly column in Oxford MailThe Football Association £ 261million profit is just peanuts compared to the Premier League great. The extent to which cast a shadow over the Premier League and will be seen adjudicating body in English football, the Football Association when accounts.The publishing annual data for the year ended in July 2014 and developed FA turnover of £ 332million and pre-tax profit of £ 261m. These are big numbers, and compared with the RFU, which turned over £ 152.2mw the same period.But nothing compared to the £ 5.1billion Premier League acquired the rights of local broadcast television in three years, billions more to come and reduced the £ 261million abroad FA deals.The profits by the new mega-deal in the Premier League, and will be worth £ 5.1billionThe FA secretary-general assessment of changes Alex Horne that it was written about signing a sponsor of the FA Cup 2014-15, which does not pay happenedSky Sport Premier League 11.1 million pounds on average for each game - the same amount FA brought the annual increase in the total area of ​​broadcasting and sponsorship and licensing.
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