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Created 2015-12-01
Owner juanjuan075249
Title in writing on the current latency
About me of Age of Wulin is probably translated into the German language, which reported at least the Community Support Team of Age of Wulin on the official website of free MMORPGs. However, this year there will nothing left with a release, as previously still missing an update of Snail Final Fantasy XIV gamess and this has, as so often, delays in the story of Age of Wulin. In January 2014, but should finally be ready. Then the announced actually for December this year, Mount Hua extension that is now dated roughly to the beginning of 2014 appears. With the switch to the German client hopes the publisher a Final Fantasy XIV games player growth and better bind Final Fantasy XIV Gil returning users to können.Ebenfalls is received in writing on the current latency problems for WEBZEN still has no solution, but at least his own words at this same work, which is not such an easy task, given the many options. there was much trouble around the popular streaming platform than a Speedrunner against a Admin ranted and thus a true disaster and many Bans triggered. Sometimes it but the little things that lead to big dramas. As Twitch Admin Horror few days ago for his friend a private Emote created that can be used globally on Twitch, this kind of preferential treatment some streamers did not seem to please and this meant that the Speedrunner Duke_Bilgewater made a momentous Post Hey Horror how to get the fastest in your underpants and so on its own emote? That was the controversial leadAdmin was not happy and banished said streamer, which led to outrage especially in the circles of Speedrunner. It further bans were distributed and the situation escalated on Reddit and 4chan, than the horror Remove action was launched. The heated mudslinging ultimately led to the fact that a number of streamers and users have been banned forever via IP Ban and their channels also came under the hammer. The exiles also scored the extremely large channel Werster whose blocking but already canceled wurde.Obwohl the topic Remove Horror on Twitch is now off limits
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